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The Polyvagel Theory


A new way to understand of how the entire nervous system works -- and how it's affected by trauma, stress, PTSD 

Nature's Lesson in Healing Trauma

Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs Survival Brain

Understanding Trauma


This video explains very well how trauma impacts the brain and body however, I am not familiar with Associative Awarenesss Technique (AAT) therefore I cannot atest to it's benefits.

Trauma & PTSD

Understanding Internal Family Systems (IFS)


This video will help you better understand IFS aka as "parts". 

Self-Care for tension/pain relief


Are you feeling lower back pain? Shoulder pain? Below I have added some video of one of my Hanna Somatic mentors, Susan Koenig, who has recorded great ways to relieve tension and ease pain. 


Remember: Always consult with your doctor if you can begin any form of exercise. Stay within your comfort zone. If you have pain, move slower, make smaller movements, or even make them in your imagination.